Zoning: Why Just One Thermostat For Your Home?



Set the temperature of your choice in different rooms by zoning your home ductwork. You can divide your rooms into the zones that make sense for your heating and cooling needs. Let PDM help you control your indoor comfort.
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Is Zoning Right For You?

Here’s a test:

  1. Do you have young children?
  2. Do you spend most of your day at home?
  3. Do you have sleepless nights because certain rooms are too warm or cold?
  4. Do you avoid certain rooms because they’re too warm or cold?
  5. Are you closing vents in one room in attempt to redirect airflow?

If you answer yes to one or more, then Temperature Zoning may be your answer to better comfort.

Designing Your Zones

Consider these in planning.

  1. Multiple levels
  2. Room(s) with large windows
  3. Large open areas such as vaulted ceilings or foyer
  4. Room(s) in a finished basement or attic
  5. Room(s) with an exposed concrete floor
  6. Rooms that are consistently too hot or too cold
  7. Bedroom(s) in the upper levels
  8. Rooms that are used occasionally
  9. Occupied rooms in the attic or basement
  10. An extra room over the garage

How Zoning Works

Every zone gets a thermostat.

  1. Zone controls–control boards & dampers–are installed by our professionals
  2. When a zone needs to be heated or cooled, the dampers automatically open to deliver conditioned air until your comfort needs are met. When heating or cooling is not needed, the dampers close to save energy and maximize comfort elsewhere.
  3. All you do is program or set the thermostats for the temperature you want in each zone and your system will do the rest.


Total Connect Comfort Services™ From Honeywell

Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Services give you access to remotely monitor and manage your heating and cooling system – at anytime, from anywhere – through your PC, smart phone or tablet device**.

You can count on Total Connect’s system performance alerts for a level of awareness and peace of mind that is unmatched – helping you stay connected to your home or business whether you’re across the street or half way around the world.

The Wireless Outdoor Sensor sends a signal to each RedLINKTM- enabled control which displays both the outdoor temperature and the humidity right on the screen; it’s like having a weather station in each zone. Use this information to make decisions about when to run your heating and cooling – and when to turn it off to save energy.

When paired with a Prestige 2.0 thermostat the Wireless Indoor Sensor(s) gives you the ability to choose which sensor(s) to use for temperature, humidification, and dehumidification. They can be used in combination for temperature averaging or individually to condition or monitor temperature or humidity levels in separate spaces.

With zoning, the Portable Comfort Control can be used to change the set temperature in any zone in the house, from anywhere in the house. For example, watch TV downstairs at night, but warm the upstairs bedroom before going to bed. Or, keep it on your bedside stand to make sure that all zones are turned down for energy savings before you turn the lights out each night.

You can even name each of your zones on the Portable Comfort Control by having PDM customize it with more than 50 different naming options – upstairs, master bedroom, office – even wine cellar and home theater!